Egeria and macro influence

Macro influencers are the authentic voice that creates an emotional connection between the brand and the audience.

Social media influencers have become a crucial part of the marketing strategy of companies. Influencers are well-known social media personalities who have a large audience and influence on their followers. By working with these muses, companies can benefit from their credibility, their ability to engage their audience and their massive reach to promote their brand to their target audience.

First of all, muses have a lot of credibility with their audience. Followers of muses often see these content creators as peers rather than advertisers, which means they are more likely to trust their recommendation. By working with influencer muses, companies can leverage this trust to gain new customers and increase awareness.

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Macro Influencers often have a great ability to engage their audience. They can use their unique personality and voice to connect with their audience in an authentic and interesting way, creating a deeper and more meaningful connection. By collaborating with muses, companies can ensure that their content is presented in a compelling and engaging way, which is crucial to successfully capturing consumers' attention.

Finally, muses have an incredibly broad reach. Many content creators have millions of fans and followers on their various social media platforms, allowing them to reach a huge and diverse audience. Companies can use this reach to reach consumers they might not otherwise be able to, especially younger and Generation Z consumers who are often more likely to follow influencer muses on social media.

How does it work?

1/ Selection of muses

TRENDS helps companies find the right influencers for their brand and target audience. Using research and trend tracking tools, TRENDS identifies the muses that have the most impact on their audience and have a strong brand fit.

2/ Management of

Once the muses have been selected, TRENDS manages the collaboration between the company and the muses. This includes negotiating contracts, creating content, and coordinating the posting of messages on social networks.

3/ Content creation

TRENDS can also assist with content creation for muse influencers. This can include the production of videos, photos, podcasts or any other content that is appropriate for the muse's social media platform.

4/ Follow-up and analysis

Finally, TRENDS tracks and analyzes the results of the collaboration with the influencer muses. This can include tracking the reach and engagement of the content, as well as measuring the impact on sales and brand awareness. TRENDS also uses this data to improve future campaigns and maximize the return on investment for the company.

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