Imagining original brand stories is only part of our job. We combine creativity with networking to make your products visible all year long.

Showcasing your brand during an event is good. Making it shine beyond its mere physical presence via the press and digital is better. Imagine if your event inviting 100 people was in fact seen by millions of targeted people? In the world of press relations and influence, the relationship with journalists and influencers is at the heart of daily life. Beyond real exchanges, it is important to develop physical meetings and to reinvent these meetings to create preference.

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Even though digital is central to our business and we talk to journalists and influencers every day, it is important to go out and meet them and to offer our targets experiences rather than events. Indeed, media invitations are very numerous and events follow one another during very concentrated periods of the year. As a result, journalists and influencers prefer their network or the most creative concepts to travel. The event industry has therefore undergone real changes in recent years. The classic press days are still a marathon of collection presentations, but some agencies are making the most of it by offering a differentiated, more "wow" experience.

TRENDS paris finds the best way to address its audiences but above all to modernize the codes of PR and influence relations, while preserving the DNA of its clients. Thus, the simple "press day" is transformed into an event specific to TRENDS that resembles the agency, with unique experiences to make a difference in the market, in addition to a more intimate "press night" that welcomes the TRENDS paris network with artists and presents the latest news from their clients. The opportunity to share a different and privileged moment. In addition to this event, which takes place twice a year, the agency is constantly looking for new concepts to surprise journalists and influencers through real experiences tailored to their needs. Our clients' launches are organized according to the latest trends, fashionable places and surrounded by artists or experts, offering a privileged time between brands, journalists and/or influencers.

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The agency also surrounds itself with the best partners and actors who make the event and who benefit from a large network: catering/latest restaurants and bars in vogue, qualified scenographers adapted to the artistic universe, artists and partners for offbeat workshops that will surprise journalists and influencers... Dinners or lunches in an exceptional place Presentations of themed collections according to the latest trends Workshops and animations with the talents of tomorrow Showcases Evenings with offbeat concepts far from the classics and codes Wild events, etc. Our clients therefore benefit from event recommendations that meet the expectations of their targets, are creative and guarantee to bring in people in line with their brand values.

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