Focus Group Influence

Focus Group Influence: They are experts in your products and customers, and will help you optimize your products and campaigns

Hold focus groups with influencers for your market positioning strategy!

They are connected to the latest trends on social networks and master the communication and brand position thanks to their online experience.

Don't miss the opportunity to get relevant insights from experts in your market who know 100% about the desires of their community ... and your target!

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How does it work?

1/ Creative brief

What is your problem and how can influencers answer it? What do you want to know about your customers' expectations?

2/ Casting of experts from
your market

We select and vet the top 1% of content creators relevant to your market, with a data-centric approach and a particular appetite for brand strategy and discourse. TRENDS conducts upstream interviews with each influencer to determine their ability to provide you with clear answers to your issues.

3/ Results and data analysis

After each focus group, we deliver an in-depth analysis of the discussions obtained to enable you to best define your product and communication strategy.

Experts available
to further your understanding of your consumers

Influencers are niche experts; they know your audience, their behavior and how to talk to them. By using micro-influencers as focus group participants (typically 6-10 people), your company will be able to perform high-level qualitative and conceptual analysis.

A deep understanding
of your consumers' expectations

Conducting focus groups with influencers helps you understand what your consumers and potential customers really think and feel about your brand and products. Consumer perceptions are often misinterpreted; let TRENDS' expertise guide your next focus group.

Generate new
ideas for your products and services

When facilitated by an experienced moderator, focus group discussions can generate creative ideas and innovation for brands. One of the main benefits of focus groups is understanding why people buy specific products or brands.

Communicate through
an authentic brand experience!

There has been a dramatic shift in the way consumers perceive advertising. Creative agencies are adapting by finding ways to get authentic content for your brand. Micro-influencers are a real asset, as they speak to your target audience and create authentic opinions and content.

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