Our services

Develop brand preference, enhance the visibility of your products, through various complementary expertises

Meet the challenges of traditional and new media, telling your brand identity in a virtuous way.

In a sometimes confusing market, we seek to give meaning and performance to the notion of influence. Get noticed, understand and link this lever to your needs and strategies.

Develop a storytelling and create the visual universe of your brand by proposing a powerful entertainment medium through promotional video shootings.

Reveal your brand's personality and unleash its potential for expression to meet the expectations of your consumers and the market.

Browse the work in our ever-expanding portfolio and see why clients love every TRENDS paris design.


We are a communications agency with a wide network. A public relations agency capable of following brands along their development path, with a creative and strategic vision of marketing.

Lifestyle and Pop

A human-sized structure. Our strength lies in our agility and our ability to make your brand visible through popular culture and lifestyle knowledge: A network of influencers, journalists, stylists and public figures, in addition to a culture of communication and knowledge of your market.


TRENDS paris combines the qualities of creative agencies with those of PR and influence agencies: a marketing-oriented vision combined with the best levers of notoriety in order to develop returns on investment and the share of Earned Media.

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