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Imagining original brand stories is only part of our job. We combine creativity with networking to make your products visible all year long.

TRENDS Paris is a team of passionate and talented professionals who work together to offer innovative and effective communication solutions to their clients. At the head of the agency are Sarah Sandra Taïbi and Jean-Baptiste Quesnay. Jean-Baptiste, a digital creative who brings an innovative vision to the company. Sarah Sandra, on the other hand, brings a deep expertise in press relations and a great experience in the field. She works closely with the team to ensure that clients benefit from consistent and effective communication.

The agency's senior consultants have solid expertise and extensive experience in the field of communication. They put their know-how at the service of clients to offer them effective and personalized communication strategies.

TRENDS Paris art directors are talented and inspired designers who work closely with consultants to bring the boldest and most innovative ideas to life.

Finally, at the head of the agency is Alexandre Denis, an experienced general manager with more than 10 years of experience in agency media relations. He brings a strategic vision and in-depth expertise to the entire company.

In addition to their communications expertise, the TRENDS Paris team is also known for its network of influencers and its effective use of data to optimize communications strategies. Senior consultants are able to leverage accurate data to refine clients' messages and increase their visibility with target audiences.

The close collaboration between the agency's art directors and consultants also makes it possible to create coherent and impactful communication campaigns that maximize the reach of each message.

Overall, the TRENDS Paris team is well equipped to provide effective and innovative communication solutions that meet the needs of their clients and help them achieve their business goals.

Together, the TRENDS Paris team brings an expertise and a passion for communication that allows the agency to stand out in a very competitive market.

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