Celio collaborates with Umbro

The men's ready-to-wear brand Célio has decided to renew itself by launching a new collaboration with the British sportswear brand Umbro. This collaboration marks a first for Célio, which wants to modernize its image while remaining true to its slogan "Be Normal". Together, the two brands have created an exclusive range of 17 streetwear and urban pieces, designed to accompany today's man in his everyday life.

For the first part of this collaboration, the first drop was launched in Célio stores from March 11th. The second part of the collection was previewed by TRENDS Paris on March 30th. This capsule collection is the result of a successful collaboration between two complementary brands, offering modern, comfortable and perfect outfits for everyday wear.

Célio entrusted TRENDS Paris with the management of its influence and press strategy for this collaboration with Umbro. The agency worked on the implementation of an effective communication plan, focused on creating a buzz around this collaboration. This strategy allowed Célio to reach a large audience and to draw attention to its brand, especially among the younger generations.

Thanks to this successful collaboration, Célio was able to renew and modernize its image, while remaining true to its brand positioning. TRENDS Paris was able to support Célio in its renewal process by proposing an effective and relevant communication strategy. This success is a perfect example of TRENDS Paris' ability to help brands reinvent themselves and grow in the fashion and ready-to-wear market.