Launch of the collaboration between Myd and Amaury Paris

This summer, Amaury and Myd decided to team up to create a capsule collection of two unique pairs of glasses. The two artists, well known for their creativity, brought their personal touch to each pair of glasses, offering fashion lovers a high quality accessory that reflects their unique style.

The collaboration was scheduled to launch on Tuesday, October 6, 2020, but unfortunately, due to health conditions, the event was cancelled. Nevertheless, TRENDS paris agency worked with Amaury and Myd to create a virtual alternative that would allow for a safe celebration of the eyewear collection.

Instead of holding a physical event, the agency organized a gifting event where 20 content creators and five hand-picked journalists received a bathrobe featuring designer Amaury and artist Myd. The robes were accompanied by personalized messages for each recipient, adding a personal touch to this original alternative to the physical event.

Although the event did not take place as planned due to the covid, the collaboration between Amaury and Myd still received great visibility thanks to the involvement of TRENDS paris agency. Working with leading content creators and journalists, the agency created a buzz around this unique eyewear collection and the creative partnership between these two talented artists.