Promotion of the Amorelie advent calendar

Amorelie, a German company specialized in love toys, decided to conquer the French market by calling upon the agency TRENDS Paris to deploy its notoriety in PR. Since last summer, TRENDS Paris has been accompanying Amorelie in this mission, working on the brand's visibility.

TRENDS Paris' work began to bear fruit when Amorelie was invited to present its brand new erotic advent calendar on the TV show Quotidien, broadcast on TMC. Thanks to an effective press relations strategy, TRENDS Paris was able to attract the interest of the media and influencers for this event.

The appearance on Quotidien was a golden opportunity for Amorelie to introduce its new product to French consumers. The show generated significant media coverage for the brand, which was mentioned in several press articles and relayed on social networks. The fallout was particularly positive, with a significant increase in the visibility and awareness of the brand in the French market.

Thanks to this effective PR strategy, Amorelie has succeeded in establishing itself in the French love toy market. Today, the German company continues to work with TRENDS Paris to expand its PR awareness and establish itself in this market.