Puma Suede x Bikelife

PUMA, the famous sports brand, decided to highlight its iconic SUEDE sneakers by teaming up with a group of young BMX riders, forming a crew driven by the spirit of the Bike Life. To capture the energy and unique style of this collaboration, TRENDS paris, the influencer marketing agency, supported PUMA from concept creation to strategic planning, including writing and producing a photoshoot and mini-film shot on film with a street edge.

The result of this bold collaboration is a dynamic and captivating video entitled "PUMA x BIKELIFE", available on YouTube. The young riders showcased PUMA's SUEDE pair in spectacular BMX moves, highlighting the style and performance of the iconic sneakers. The photo shoot, done in film, captured the authenticity and urban aesthetic of this unique collaboration.

With the strategic support and influencer marketing expertise of TRENDS paris, the PUMA x BIKELIFE campaign received maximum exposure, with the video quickly reaching the number two trending spot on YouTube. The successful collaboration showcased PUMA's SUEDE pair in a fresh and captivating way, capturing the attention of street culture and sports fans, and reinforcing PUMA's position as a trend-setting brand. A truly successful collaboration between PUMA and the BIKELIFE crew, supported by TRENDS paris.