Uber Eats - "Food Match

To celebrate the kick-off of Euro 2020, the home delivery platform Uber Eats is bringing together two of the French people's favorite subjects: soccer and food. With an original creation of jerseys in collaboration with Adidas, contests and original and interactive content with the participation of French soccer stars, Uber Eats is deploying all its inventiveness and intends to delight soccer fans.

Uber Eats has entrusted TRENDS paris with the influence aspect of this 360° campaign. A digital operation that TRENDS paris deployed in three phases: teasing, an interactive "food match" and finally original "press conferences" with the captains of the different "teams": Hakim Jemili, Marie Papillon, Tonio Life (among others), but also Djibril Cissé or Julien Beat. A campaign massively relayed on social networks for a global reach of 21.6M on the whole of it.


Uber Eats