UGC for a Hinge media campaign

For its launch in France, the company Hinge called upon the agency TRENDS paris to create 12 UGC (user generated content) with influencers. The goal of this marketing strategy was to collect opinions on the Hinge application and promote them on social networks such as TikTok and Instagram via media campaigns.

The company has had tremendous success in France since its launch, with thousands of downloads. By using influencers to create content and explain its methods, Hinge has chosen to capitalize on the notoriety and engagement that these ambassadors have with their communities.

Indeed, influencers are known for their charisma and their ability to engage their followers, which allows them to contribute to the success of the application.

Hinge opted for an effective marketing approach for its launch in France, using influencers to reach a wider audience and generate more visibility for its app.