Video and DOOH for the launch of the Puma Cali Sport

TRENDS Paris was the key partner of Puma for the launch of its new Cali Sport, organizing an innovative digital campaign focused on female empowerment. The asset Shera Kerienski was selected for this campaign, which highlights four sportswomen committed to the fight against everyday clichés.

TRENDS Paris worked closely with Puma to create, write and conceptualize this digital campaign. The agency created a captivating video, declined in capsules for social networks and DOOH animations for Courir stores, which aroused the public and fans of the brand.

In addition to creating the campaign, TRENDS Paris also managed press and influencer relations to ensure maximum media coverage. The agency invited selected influencers to discover the new Cali Sport and share their experience with their community, which reinforced the impact of the campaign on social networks.

The Puma x Shera Kerienski digital campaign was a huge success, with record engagement and reach on social media. The campaign showcased Puma's values of empowerment and inclusion, while reinforcing the company's brand image.

In summary, the collaboration between Puma and TRENDS Paris for the launch of the new Cali Sport was a true best-case. TRENDS Paris brought its expertise in digital campaign creation, media relations and influencers to create an innovative campaign that reached out to the brand's audience and fans. This campaign allowed Puma to reinforce its position as a leader in the sportswear industry, and TRENDS Paris to strengthen its position as the agency of reference for digital and communication strategies.