Lifestyle press relations are the essential element for the notoriety and credibility of any brand wishing to reach an engaged, curious and novelty-seeking public but also to establish trustworthy relationships with influential professionals in their field.

Lifestyle press relations is a subset of press relations that focuses on promoting lifestyle products or services. Companies and organizations working in the lifestyle sector can include fashion, beauty, wellness, food, travel, home décor, etc.

Lifestyle press relations aim to publicize and promote a company's products and services by working with lifestyle media such as fashion, beauty or travel magazines, blogs, social networks, influencers, etc.

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The levers of
lifestyle press relations

1/ Events

Fashion, beauty, wellness and other lifestyle companies often hold events to launch new products or services. These events can include fashion shows, product presentations, makeup workshops, food or beverage tastings, etc.

2/ The
press releases

Press releases are also used in lifestyle press relations to present new products, collaborations, events, etc. They are sent to lifestyle media and journalists who are interested in the lifestyle sector.

3/ Interviews with company spokespersons

Lifestyle journalists may be interested in interviews with important company personalities to learn more about the products, the company philosophy or the history of the brand.

4/ The company's publications

Lifestyle companies often publish magazines, newsletters or blogs to provide additional information about products, trends and upcoming events.

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