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TRENDS paris is looking for the best strategy to boost the visibility and ROI of its clients in order to deploy winning media campaigns and a strong and established reputation. Lifestyle and corporate press relations, influence strategy, events and brand content allow us to build a 360° action plan for our clients and to address all audiences for a multiplication of contact points and, ultimately, potential buyers.

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Media strategies evolve according to the audiences addressed and it is important to identify the target before imagining an action plan to guarantee the success of the operations deployed. Press relations are made up of different journalists (consumer or corporate), who belong to specific universes and are addressed specifically versus the general public. Influencers are also distinguished by their specialization (food, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, culture...) and are opinion leaders in direct contact with consumers. Events are constantly reinventing themselves and the race for the most creative concept is on. Content is at the center of all attention and must stand out in this frantic production of images. All of these issues must be addressed by a strategy that complies with the expectations of the target audience, current codes and the DNA of the brands to create a difference and develop top of mind.

TRENDS paris elaborates 360° strategies for its clients by developing actions for each communication pillar and each expertise: public and institutional press relations, influence, events and brand content. We analyze the brand image with the objective of making it more powerful and automatically recognizable by the public by optimizing the entire communication circuit. To do this, our teams are constantly connected to the market to find the best concept that will make the difference and this to ensure awareness, visibility and conversion into purchase for the brands. The teams regularly create reports and automatically analyze their actions in order to take a step back and seek the best possible evolution for the agency's clients. In addition, each employee brings his or her own expertise to the table in order to devise the best action plan, business by business. It is very important to rely on each of the expertises in order to guarantee our clients the accuracy of the concepts proposed and a developed knowledge in each of the sectors addressed by the agency.

Our privileged relationship with journalists and influencers also allows us to interact with them without a filter and to obtain their feedback on the operations carried out and their feelings about the brands. TRENDS paris offers its clients a complete and 360° strategy, addressing several professions, in order to establish coherence in the messages addressed to different audiences and in the actions deployed. This guarantees a good understanding of the brand and multiplies the audiences for our clients. A global response in a single agency for brands with grouped interlocutors to facilitate exchanges, understanding of subjects and obtaining an overall vision of our clients' communications.

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