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Press Relations Agency, Influencer Relations, Brand Content & Strategy

Office trends agency PR in Paris
TRENDS Paris is a communication agency founded with the will to bring a new and demanding look at what attracts attention today and attract it tomorrow, to make the great currents and trends of our times a strength, and an answer, to your brand problem.
We are a PR Agency, image marketing and notoriety specializing in fashion, cosmetics, and lifestyle products.
We accompany our customers in the definition of their brand problems, and their positioning, starting from the base – your communication strategy and brand content (content production)-to the top-the media earned, with a ROIste obsession.
Digital first-press relations agency, we accompany your digital strategy by placing the new media (sites and influencers) as essential levers of your notoriety.

TRENDS Paris holds in its operation and its history this will to modernise the press relations agencies and more generally the profession of press office, including both traditional journalists, and new media in their constant evolution.

From brand content to earned media


From the Visual identity to the creation of content, through the purchase of space and influencers relations, press events and press relations, we create the best conditions to showcase your brand, in its construction, its development or repositioning.
We believe that notoriety is a goal for any brand and that there is no optimization of notoriety without a good vector, and good content.

We accompany the brands in the construction of their brand image with the aim of the generation of earned Média. An expert in digital communication, our PR agency located in Paris also intervenes for reputation issues both nationally and internationally.

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