Imagining original brand stories is only part of our job. We combine creativity with networking to make your products visible all year long.

The means of expression are multiplying, the media are constantly reinventing themselves and the creativity of content is at the heart of the general public's informed eye. The image is placed at the heart of content strategies and each brand finds its own touch, its own DA that makes the difference to be recognizable. In order to attract attention and create the famous top of mind, brands must be ingenious and find the perfect balance between engagement, product promotion and visual translation in line with their values.

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Social networks have imposed new formats and are making the visual trend to follow for a visible and followed content exploitation. Talents and content creators are multiplying today and a real DA is now emerging from the most known. Companies are challenged today and must respect their identity, their style platform, all these new visual codes that their community follows, which identifies with the persona and the image created by the brands. Identity is therefore at the center of all attention and strategies. The projects and content deployed must check all these boxes, be in line with consumer expectations and the trend that emerges from the numerous contents. Brands today do not make the trend alone; they are joined by influencers (instagrammers, artists, stylists or make-up artists), who develop today's visual codes with them.

Aware of these evolving challenges for its clients, TRENDS paris develops content adapted to their identity, to new graphic codes, but also to the precise expectations of consumers and communities. Surrounded by expert talents in the fields of fashion, food, beauty and lifestyle, visual and content production is part of the agency's expertise and of the differentiation strategies we devise for our clients. With the current trend and in order to be aware of the new media being developed, it is important to work alongside the latest talents to imagine the best devices in line with the visual DNA and artistic values of the brands. We wish to offer our clients support in the area of brand content in order to imagine a 360° strategy and to preserve a real coherence in all communication levers.

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Art Direction Shootings Styling and MUA Digital videos Promotional spots Websites (brand, event or product) Social media content Brand editorial Community management It is important for us to respond to each issue in order to be as close as possible to our clients and to develop a real partner relationship with them. This also allows us to address all of their audiences and understand all the ecosystems in which they operate. To each need, an answer by TRENDS paris.

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