Influencer relations

Imagining original brand stories is only part of our job. We combine creativity with networking to make your products visible all year long.

A powerful network
of influencers

Today, press relations are inseparable from influence, which must be addressed through specific and complementary mechanisms, as influencers have different expectations from journalists. TRENDS paris has a powerful network of several thousand influencers in various fields: fashion, urban, beauty, food, lifestyle... The agency was born with their explosion on social networks and grows with them by anticipating the changes that surround them. Influence is at the heart of what is said and influencers are now part of the opinion leaders who have an impact on consumers in terms of product choice and even societal issues (second hand market, ecology, vegan cooking...). Brands have therefore taken social networks by storm; they parade on platforms and lean on influencers to promote their products.

Micro and macro

Micro or macro, each influencer has its strengths and none should be dismissed. The "huge" ones, who are no longer to be introduced, have a strong community that offers a large audience to brands in record time. Micro or nano influencers are becoming more and more important to brands and their strategy. With smaller but often more engaging communities, they stand out with their very distinct style and their flourishing network. They allow to multiply the points of contact and to impose the perception of a brand as unavoidable. Today, artists are also positioned in the category of influencers. Very present on the networks, they are also creators of their own content and create a real identity behind the screen. This target is important to understand in order to select the right profiles according to their DNA, the brand they are addressing and its issues.

Let's find the best
strategy together

At TRENDS paris, we find the best targeting strategy and the most creative digital device to make the difference in this immensity of web content and influencers. In our opinion, it is in the difference that we find the strength. From the smallest to the most powerful, each influencer is addressed in order to enjoy a plural and rich audience. We work closely with them to find a device that meets the brand's brief but above all that resembles them while being in phase with the brand, in order to be sure to speak to their community. Collaborating with them on a regular basis also allows us to have a head start on the content that works on the networks, but also on our clients' markets.

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This makes it possible to adjust e-reputation strategies quickly: today everything moves very fast and you have to know how to mix agility and creativity. To do this, we combine content strategies on influence with tailor-made tools and actions: digital / social media devices and content, specific events making your brand "the place to be" of the moment (on Instagram, Twitch, Tik Tok, Snapchat ...), event seedings ... Influencer relations are one of the cornerstones to be carved out and included in the scope of public relations and should not be treated in an exclusive way but rather integrated into a 360° strategy

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