Imagining original brand stories is only part of our job. We combine creativity with networking to make your products visible all year long.

TRENDS paris is a brand agency that provides precise answers to the issues of today and tomorrow. Proximity, expertise, advice, agility, creativity and good vibes are the pillars of our daily life that we try to transpose in each of our jobs. In the era of ultra-digitization, press relations are evolving but still remain one of the pillars of media coverage for brands and their products. Journalists are still positioned as important opinion leaders in the eyes of the general public and serve as a guarantee for the purchase, as a certification. The way to build a media is constantly evolving today and the codes of the profession are totally shaken up.

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On the one hand, because of digitalization, which is reshuffling the deck and pushing print magazines to adopt a new vision, reinventing themselves and finding new content while preserving their readership. On the other hand, the role of influence today has changed the press agent's job to upgrade it to new working methods and new targets to address. TRENDS paris is aware of these major changes in the media world and knows how to be alert and face the challenges that surround us.

The agency places particular emphasis on monitoring the press relations market thanks to the privileged relationships we maintain with journalists who inform us of the content that works and the best practices to adopt according to the context. TRENDS paris brings a new perspective to the market in order to find the best strategy for brands, while being attentive to changes and close to the media challenges of tomorrow.

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