Organization and Influence for a Pop Up All Birds in Osaka

TRENDS Tokyo was commissioned to develop the influencer marketing strategy for an ephemeral boutique in Osaka. The store offered a selection of high-end products from various brands, and our client wanted to attract the attention of local customers as well as foreign tourists.

We worked closely with our client to select the most relevant local influencers, based on their content, audience and engagement rate. We then contacted these influencers and negotiated the conditions of their participation, notably in terms of content to be published on their social networks as well as their presence during the opening of the ephemeral boutique.

Our team also managed all logistical aspects, including coordination with influencers for the opening event of the ephemeral boutique, as well as the creation of exclusive content for social networks. We worked closely with the influencers to ensure that the content produced was both creative and consistent with our client's image.

Thanks to this influencer marketing strategy, the ephemeral boutique was a great success, attracting a diverse clientele and increasing our client's awareness in the local market. We were able to contribute significantly to the success of this initiative and are proud to have helped our client achieve its marketing and sales objectives.